The Italy Rendanheyi Centre


The Rendanheyi Open Source Research Centre is the result of over 2 years of fruitful collaboration between Haier's Model Research Institute and Boundaryless, creator of the Platform Design Toolkit and of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Enabling Organization (3EO) model. It builds on a unified market-firm theory that merges a decade of business model design and organizational design support to over 70k organizations and practitioners across the globe.


The Rendanheyi Open Source Research Centre aims at exploring the evolving principles, practices and constructs of Haier's Rendanheyi in the context of the global organizational design tradition and through the experience of other leading pioneers of the new organizing, in order to accelerate the evolution of firms in different geographies, market contexts, cultures and with varied levels of maturity.


In 2020, The Centre has offered the 3EO (Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Enabling Organization) Toolkit, a unique set of open source canvases for organizations to take inspiration from Haier at scaling internal entrepreneurship, exclusive interviews with CEO Zhang Ruiming and Haier to discover their story and learnings, insightful conversations with global thinkers that draw the link between the Rendanheyi and forward looking organizational models.

Overview of services

The Rendanheyi Open Source Research Centre operates by providing private and public trainings, certifications, adoption toolkits and guides, a community of practice and consulting services to help both individuals and organizations to conveniently explore, learn about and apply Rendanheyi practices within a global network of thought leaders, managers, change makers and practitioners.