The Russia Rendanheyi Centre


The Rendanheyi Research Centre (Russia) is established on April 1, 2020, which is the second research center worldwide established by Rendanheyi Model Research Institute. This Center is jointly operated by Rendanheyi Model Research Institute and FASTFORWARD Company from Russia. Both sides jointly create value for users to gain value-added sharing. "We hope to let more Russian enterprises understand Rendanheyi and help them solve their management problems," said Ms. Evgeniia Serdiuk, project manager of FASTFORWARD. At present, Rendanheyi Research Centre (Russia) has shared the philosophy of Rendanheyi, micro-enterprise cases and response practice of COVID-19 by offline enterprise visiting, virtual seminars and etc. to help enterprises tide over difficulties.


In 2021, Rendanheyi Research Centre (Russia) will serve more enterprises to carry out Internet of things transformation and model innovation. It will integrate online and offline activities, such as organizing enterprise visiting, Rendanheyi workshops, one-to-one industrial exchanges etc. to make it more convenient for enterprise users to learn Rendanheyi model. We want to popularize Haier's business model “Rendanheyi” in the CIS countries through business meetings/events and help companies with its implementation.

Overview of services

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