The Singapore Rendanheyi Centre


Rendanheyi Research Centre Singapore was founded in 2020 as a result of an ongoing collaboration between Haier and Corporate Rebels. After three years of visiting and researching Haier, Corporate Rebels decided to help Haier spread the word about their Rendanheyi Model worldwide. Clients we worked with include Fujitsu, Jaipur Rugs, and Severstal.


At the Rendanheyi Research Centre Singapore, our goal is to set up activities to help organizations understand the Rendanheyi Model and its management practices in depth and detail, to radically rethink how work can be organized. We try to achieve this through research and practice.


Rendanheyi Research Centre Singapore currently focuses on the following activities:

  • Blogging about progressive organizations, including Haier, on Corporate Rebels. More info here.
  • An in depth book about Haier's Rendanheyi Model. (expected Q2 2021). More info here.
  • On-demand online teaching modules about the Rendanheyi Model launched through the Corporate Rebels Academy (expected Q2 2021). More info here.

Overview of services

Rendandeyi Research Centre Singapore offers the following services:

  • Help organizations understand progressive organizations through the Corporate Rebels book (includes Haier case study).¬†
  • Help organizations understand the Rendanheyi Model through presentations, workshops, and leadership sessions.
  • Help organizations to enable field trips to Haier to get first-hand experiences with the Rendanheyi Model.
  • Help organizations with the implementation of the Rendanheyi Model through our consulting partners.

More info here.

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