Southeast Asia

The Southeast Asia Rendanheyi Centre


The Southeast Asia Innovation Management Research Center was jointly established by the Rendanheyi Model Research Institute and the Southeast Asia Center. The cooperation between the two parties will provide companies in Southeast Asia with a platform for innovative management interaction and learning, support and promote management innovation and digital learning, and empower Southeast Asian companies to carry out innovative practices and contribute to the Internet of Things.


Southeast Asia Innovation Management Research Center aims to help business leaders and intrapreneurs in Southeast Asia to realize the essence of organizational transformation through a systematic and practical learning approach based on Haier’s RenDanHeyi principles. This management revolution underway may enhance an organization’s capabilities in creating sustainable growth-driven innovation and be prepared to evolve in these uncertain times.


  1. Seven Training Courses on Rendanheyi & Innovation Management Online/Asynchronous Face-to-Face
  2. Monthly Webinars with Global Experts in Haier Model Research Institute
  3. Facilitation for Assessing Innovation Management Capabilities
  4. Rendanheyi Applied Research with Project-Based Action Learning
  5. Founding Membership Services for IMRC (Community of Practice)
  6. Haier-Thailand Site Visits
  7. Training for “Professional Innovation Manager Certification” ISO 56000.

Overview of services

We offer training and facilitation through workshops and courses related to organizational transformation and innovation management encompassing the principles of Rendanheyi. Some of the courses include Strategic Foresight for Management Innovation, Rendanheyi Transformation Design and Strategy Execution, Microenterprise Autonomous Agile Teams and the ‘Professional Innovation Manager’ an ISO Preparatory Certification Course. We will also be organizing monthly webinars in relation to these courses by global HMI leaders and progressive experts in different areas.

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