The European Research Centre hosts an event on September 1 2021

Ecosystems as an Engine for Innovation and Learning-By Bill Fischer

Abstract: With the acceleration of industry development, the learning and rapid response capacity of most contemporary organizations has been unable to meet the needs of the times. Ecosystem as the engine for organizational innovation and learning, leads organizations to constantly explore innovative management model. In this paper, Professor Fischer uses Haier’s practice experience as an example to transform the abstract ecosystem theory into a concrete approach. In the past, Haier was a "solutions" provider, selling products to fulfill customer needs; solving their problems. Today, Haier offers these solutions as part of a more complex set of unique customer experiences.

According to Haier’s practice experience, Professor Fischer discusses the potential of ecosystems in three thoughts:

1. Ecosystems are so much more than value chains;

2. Ecosystems are already more or less in place, needing a catalytic agent to animate them;

3. Engaging with an ecosystem requires speed, in turn, it needs management to apply a light touch, reassess the suitability of its architecture, and be prepared to lose control.

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