Rendanheyi Silicon Valley Center hosts an event on October 3 2021

Winning in the Digital Age

This interactive course is for executives—individually or in
teams—who want to enhance their understanding and leadership
skills for winning in the age of digital.

In this course, you will enhance your understanding in four key

  • Understanding the fundamental divide between industrial-era
    management and digital-age leadership, including why the
    digital giants are winning big, while once-dominant industrial
    era firms are struggling.
  • Mastering the three basic laws of the digital-era organization
    and the digital-era mindset; and understanding how they
    differ from industrial-era management and its related mindset.
  • Understanding what’s involved in creating new businesses, digital platforms and
    business ecosystems.
  • Discerning the difference between the activities of an industrial-era CEO as compared to
    a digital-era CEO.

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