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Zero distance: A new power engine for MAQE's Transformation in Thailand

With the theme of "Iterating Experience, Inventing Value", the second Rendanheyi Opentalk is in full swing through two global platforms and three languages online live. An exchange meeting with the theme of "MAQE’s transformational journey in Thailand" is being ignited from 7pm-8pm(Beijing Time)!

With the progress of productivity and the development of the Internet of Things era, the speed of social progress has gone into overdrive. The old way of market operation has not been able to keep up with the changes of user needs, and the collision of old and new has accelerated the iteration of the way of enterprise and user interaction. Independent enterprises and Internet platforms are gradually retiring from the stage, and the business ecosystem of Internet of Things will become a new organizational model. How to break the deadlock of the organization, how to give full play to the value of people, establish lifelong user relationship, gradually become the core topic that enterprises need to think about.


In this session, William·Malek mainly started with the seven elements of Rendanheyi, and entered into an in-depth exchange with Andreas who is the CEO of MAQE. They are "human centric, zero distance, Autonomous Microenteprise Team, Ecological System, Innovation At Scale, Win-Win Value-Added Statement, lifelong users". MAQE is also one of zero distance award winning companies this year, as he addressed “This is the most special year for MAQE, because in this year, they started to learn Rendanheyi Model, also began to try to use different languages with Rendanheyi such as embodied holacracy and other principles of management to create a unique MAQE’s Rendanheyi. The zero-distance communication with users impressed him deeply. In the past, they always thought about how to gain more profits by creating a product, but they did not think about how to realize the value cycle by constantly iterating the experience value of users through zero-distance communication with users, which will be a long-term work in the future.

At the final stage, as William Malek mentioned, "About the concept of zero distance, we can not just create a service for users in the future through a one-time zero distance interaction, we have to continue to have zero distance interaction with users so that they can become our lifelong users."

4 October 2021 : 03:47 am


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