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[Rendanheyi OpenTalk 2021] EMC workbench helps enterprises transform from bureaucracy to ecosystem.

From low dimension to high dimension —— EMC workbench developed by Rendanheyi Open Source Research Center helps enterprises transform from bureaucracy to ecosystem.


With the development of the Internet of Things era, the traditional corporate governance structure and management model have been difficult to adapt to the current complex and highly dynamic environment. Many enterprises began to expect to change from bureaucracy to decentralized ecosystem, from double-entry bookkeeping to distributed ledger, which made the organization more open and transparent, so they quickly turned to unity of people and individuals. In the process of transformation, many enterprises have shown an urgent need on how to further implement the transformation of "one person in one" and build the split ME into EMC. Renheyi Open Source Research Center plans to build an open source digital workbench named "EMCOS" based on the operating principle of Haier EMC Workbench, which will help enterprises in various industries deepen their organizational transformation.


On September 18th, Simone Cicero, the expert at Rendanheyi Open Source Research Center, leads Bryan Peters, co-founder of, Rob Solomon, founder of Cone. Sascha Kellert, founder of Rekursive, and Emanuele Quintarelli, the 3EO ME Owner of Rendanheyi Open Source Research Center, conducted a discussion in the Opentalk 2021.


Simone Cicero thinks that EMC is Haier's most innovative and amazing contribution to modern management in the past ten years. "We see some new trends. (Haier's EMC) should first enter a quantifiable goal, and then improve through continuous improvement, while emphasizing the result orientation. EMC contract avoids intermediate links, misunderstandings and system vulnerabilities. " He said.


The Internet of Things era is an era of experience economy, community economy and sharing economy. EMC contract, which solves the conflict between autonomy and unity, winner-take-all problem and principal-agent problem, is the best solution to the corporate governance problems seen by several experts.


"Sharing the created value and obtaining the shares of the organization can be agreed in advance in EMC contract, so that everyone can deal with the income in advance, which is a very advanced organization mode." Simone Cicero said. Sascha Kellert also holds the same view: "What Haier has done can influence the whole design of EMC. Haier mode has been verified and is a very successful management mode. We see the way of enterprise transformation, from a silo to a networked organization, which should be the logic behind EMC. "


EMC contract insists on putting people's value first, and its essence lies in bringing out the wisdom and innovative spirit of every employee. Under this mechanism, every employee directly faces users, creates user value, and realizes their own value sharing in creating value for users, and ensures that the incentive covers everyone accurately. "Haier's very good point is that it can release the ownership, so that the whole organization has the spirit of ownership, so that users can also participate. It is very good for us to have such an atmosphere in the whole market. Let us be more user-centered. " Sascha Kellert said.


In the past, many people-in-one transformation enterprises showed their needs to transform EMC after splitting ME, which was the original driving force for experts to jointly develop EMC Workbench software. "When we see a very solid pattern, we will use digital tools to present such a pattern, so as to strengthen the flexible behavior of the organization and seamlessly carry out value circulating." Bryan Peters said.


At present, Rendanheyi Open Source Research Center is leading developers to design the prototype of EMCOS software and put it into trial use from functions such as listing and rushing to form EMC. The next step is to expand the developer alliance, unite with various ecological parties to develop, and use digital operation tools to help enterprises of various industries and scales to carry out organizational transformation to meet the challenges of the Internet of Things era.


If you're interested in participating to the development of the EMC OS Ecosystem please submit to this form: and we will keep you posted on progress and engagements.

2 October 2021 : 03:56 am


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