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[Rendanheyi OpenTalk 2021] Rendanheyi became the international management innovation standard.

A brand-new enlightenment to the world-Rendanheyi became the international management innovation standard.


In today's era of the Internet of Things, the past linear and static management Model is no longer applicable, so what strategies, operating systems, management systems and systems should organizations adopt to adapt to the current complex and changeable environment? Operators are in urgent need of solutions and breaking the law, self-evolution and coexistence with the times. Keeping pace with the times is not an easy task, which requires a thorough change in management thinking and subversive innovation of management tools.


European Foundation for Management Development(EFMD), as the largest international organization in the field of management development, has been paying attention to the transformation and development of organizations in complex environments. Among many innovative management models, Rendanheyi Model has attracted EFMD's attention with its unique system and successful practical experience in 74 countries. After two years of research and exploration, EFMD took Rendanheyi Model as the management innovation standard, constructed RDHY certification system, and became the eighth official certification of EFMD, and officially announced the establishment of Global RDHY Certification Center at The Fifth International Rendanheyi Model Leading Forum held on September 17th.


ReModeling of management model and management tools in the Internet of Things era.


"The emergence of a management concept will bring about a revolution in management." This new management Model put forward by the founder of Danheyi Model, Chairman and CEO of Haier Group has caused enterprises around the world to replicate their practices.

RendanheyiModel has achieved four subversion-subverting the traditional aim of putting shareholders' value first into "people's value first" at the enterprise objective level, subverting the economic man into an autonomous person at the employee level, subverting the bureaucratic system into self-organization at the enterprise level, and subverting the scientific management for efficiency as the value-oriented Rendanheyi at the management level. Although there are regional and cultural differences among countries in the world, the management idea of "attaching importance to human values" is a universal management value in the world. Up to now, 10 research centers of Rendanheyi have been set up spontaneously around the world, and more than 300,000 enterprises from 74 countries and regions have become students of Rendanheyi Alliance, which has rolled up the global upsurge.


The RDHY Scorecard came into being as an operational management tool of Rendanheyi Model.

Scorecard vertical axis reflects the ecosystem organization. The fundamental difference between traditional organization and traditional organization is that traditional organization is a bureaucratic system centered on enterprises, but ecosystem organization is open, borderless and reflects dynamic changes. The ecosystem organization embodies an important concept of the Internet of Things, that is, there is no longer the subject and object of the traditional organization, and everyone in the ecosystem organization is equal and everyone is the subject.

Scorecard horizontal axis is ecosystem value. Ecosystem value is not the traditional product value, but the new value produced by taking products as carriers and the experience value produced by combining products. The generated value is transmitted to users, then the value-added sharing among stakeholders is realized, and then a new round of value creation is entered to realize value circulation.

In order to solve the problem of "control" in management, the traditional management tool, Balanced Scorecard, emphasizes the accuracy of prediction, is based on post-evaluation and only pays attention to short-term performance, and mainly focuses on financial indicators. The starting point of RDHY Scorecard is "relationship", that is, the relationship among members of organizations, the relationship between organizations and ecological partners, and the relationship between organizations and users. Therefore, compared with the balanced scorecard, which can only show static balance, RDHY Scorecard shows the unique advantages of operational management tools adapted to the Internet of Things era with its dynamic iteration.


The Change of Management Standards: RDHY Certification and the Birth of Global RDHY Certification Center.

The European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD), as the largest international organization and authoritative certification body in the field of management development, always pays attention to the transformation and development of organizations in complex environment, and hopes to provide reference models for transformation to organizations all over the world. "To meet the great challenges brought by the times, it is not enough to rely on some new schemes and practices, but what is needed is new values, new Model and new standards", said Mr Martin Murle, Director of Enterprise Services of EFMD.

Rendanheyi stands out from many innovative management Models, and has been continuously concerned by EFMD since 2019, and is regarded as an "excellent management model" in the Internet of Things era. Since 2020, EFMD has taken it as the management Model benchmark in the Internet of Things era, and based on RDHY Scorecard, formulated relevant standards. In 2021, EFMD officially defined RDHY certification system as the management innovation certification system in the Internet of Things era, and incorporated it into EFMD certification system to become the eighth official certification and the first certification for management innovation organizations in the Internet of Things era.

At the Rendanheyi Leading Forum on September 17th, Eric Cornuel, President of EFMD, announced the establishment of Global RDHY Certification Center.

“The scorecard is a disruptive and creative tool for management innovation and it nicely portrays the Rendanheyi management philosophy along two dimensions. We love the simplicity and practicality of the scorecard, that we translated into standards and criteria for management excellence in the IoT era.” Eric Cornuel said, “EFMD values in all its accreditation and certification schemes the diversity of approaches yet combines this with a clear view on shared goals and proven principles of effective management.  This will also be true for this 8th certification scheme that we will now offer on a global level. And RDHY Certification  is the first of its kind to provide management innovation certification for organizations in the IoT Era.”

Fujitsu Western Europe started the transformation of Rendanheyi last year, and its employees' engagement increased from the middle to the highest level. The business volume of the transformation business also increased by 300% year-on-year. With its outstanding achievements in management innovation practice, it won the first RDHY certification in the world.

This is a brand-new enlightenment to the world. Since 2005, Rendanheyi Model has stood in the center of the world stage. As Zhang Ruimin, founder of Rendanheyi Model, said: "In the past, we had to be certified by ISO Certification, but now enterprises all over the world can be certified by RDHY Certification." "Human" is the biggest opportunity for enterprises in the VUCA era, which is why Rendanheyi Model attracts global attention and becomes the international management innovation standard. RDHY certification system will continue to empower enterprises for transformation in the future, and help them become enterprises that really value "Human".

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