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[The Theory Front of Rendanheyi] The Next Generation of IoT-- Functional Sentience

The conception of FUNCTIONAL SENTIENCE is from The Binary Firms, which takes a strong attribute of the era of IoT.

Functional Sentience is a sub-era of the IoT. In the IoT 1.0 era, people are interconnected through sensors and wireless or wired networks with objects, IT and OT are deeply integrated. In this period, the Sentience mode mainly relies on artificial intelligence induction, showing the characteristics of automation. In the IoT 2.0 era, the connection between people and objects are connected by the integration of physical technology, digital technology and biological technology, and the sentience mode is self-perception, showing the characteristics of autonomy, self-correction and self-repair.

The traditional product model is segmented and linear. Value Creation and Value Delivery are separated (similar to the Porter's value chain). After the traditional products, the "bilateral or multilateral" platform of the platform brand removes the "intermediary", which subverts the traditional product economy, but there emerges a new problem. The platform can generate income by traffic advertising, but the dealers do not make money. In the era of IoT, this is an ecosystem of infinite interactive evolution of all stakeholders, which is not only a matter of profit, but also a matter of value. User experience is invisible. It's an experience premium, an evolutionary ecology of endless interactions. This cannot be imitated.

Take Haier as an example, the network device should have functional sentience. The network refrigerator of Haier is the lighthouse factory of connection module suppliers with qualified quality (modular is the necessary condition), whereas it is also the model of connection personalized scene experience requirements with sufficient conditions. Additionally, for the network refrigerator, a lighthouse factory should be a node on the network, in which both supplier and user personalization demand can be set in a common ecological network in active. In sum, the net refrigerator can sense the function of both ends.

3 July 2021 : 09:13 am


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