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[RDHY Event Review] Interview with Andreas Holmer: MAQE’s Journey Towards the Rendanheyi Model

On July 13, Emanuele Quintarelli, EEEO Micro-Enterprise lead at Boundaryless, invited Andreas Holmer, the co-founder and CEO at MAQE for an interview, aiming to explore MAQE's journey towards the Rendanheyi model. This conversation was powered by Rendanheyi Open Source Research Center.

MAQE, a digital firm in Bangkok, is working to adopt the Rendanheyi by marrying Haier's philosophy and designing its own playbook, including a set of conditional contracts tailored to the specific context of a SME technology services company in Thailand.

In this session, they got into MAQE's own exploration and transition towards the Rendanheyi directly through the words of Andreas Holmer. Through an open conversation, they had specifically touched upon how to take inspiration from the Rendanheyi. They talked about how to infuse entrepreneurship into small service-based businesses. And Andreas also shared his ideas of integrating sociocratic/ holacratic governance with Rendanheyi's platforms and artifacts.

3 July 2021 : 08:55 am


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