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A Recap of BEA INSIDE ECOSYSTEMS Monthly Webinar Series




The profusion of ideas, tooks and frameworks seeking to better understand ecosystems means nothing if it can’t be converted into organizational reality. Ecosystems are not new, they've always existed, however, what is new it to look organizations through an ecosystem lens. In this unique webinar moderated by Stuart Crainer, we've heard from Kaihan Krippendorff, CEO of Outthinker and bestselling author; Kalina Nikolova, VP Business Operations & Strategy at Verizon Media; and Alok K. Agrawal, CSO at Celestica, about their latest perspectives on business ecosystems.


Watching this webinar is truly an inspiring experience, Kaihan emphasized the importance of collaboration and the big challenges society and organizations face, and the rise of IoT technology which drives changes of individual and organizational behaviours. He also took Haier's ecosystem as a great example, talked about how Haier has broken down former bureaucracy and turned itself into micro-enterprises and thus to create its own ecosystem. Kalina shared her experience working in media industry, where no company can do it alone cause there are so many consumer needs. She agreed that ultimate customer should be the anchor of the ecosystem, where creating a safe environment for them is really a big deal. Every ecosystem should think not only how to create and divide value, but more importantly, how to grow the pie for everyone. Alok shared his experience in how Celestica has transformed into a 6 billion worth company through collaboration with other companies which really resonated with what Kalina just shared. Although they have different working experiences in diverse industries, three CSOs have reached an agreement that quick changes of individual needs in today's IoT era have encouraged new organizational behaviours to come up with new solutions accordingly, which is achieved through ecosystems, not only inside the organization, but also between you and other companies, including your competitors.


What on earth is Business Ecosystem in today's IoT era?

Everyone nowadays talks about business ecosystem, but no one could give a perfect definition of it. It's all about partnership, but it doesn't have a clear framework. Everyone understands platforms because there's one person or organization who owns it, but no one could really owns an ecosystem, maybe that's why you can't really define it. Kalina said that there are two big themes everyone should think frist when they are involved in any ecosystems, how do I monetize my contribution into the ecosystem and what is the purpose of it? Kaihan gives his answer, it should be from customer-centric viewpoint. 'We normally go straight to the percentage, who owns the platform? Not customer-centric!' Kalina made her point. Similarly, Alok said, if we can find a way to create values for customers, it will definitely lead to benefits! At the end of the webinar, all three CSOs reached to a consensus that ecosystem needs to be created through a customer-centric viewpoint, it is in an organic, dynamic environment where trust is the currency.


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3 July 2021 : 08:09 am


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