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[RDHY Case] “Carry” Back a New Kitchen Passingly when Buying Groceries —— Wuhan Quantum Store

“Carry” Back a New Kitchen Passingly when Buying Groceries

On July 2, the first day of opening of Haier Service Quantum Store in Wuhan Taohuadao community, Mrs. Li, a community resident, came back from buying groceries and by the way went into the store for a stroll. She has always wanted to install a dishwasher, but the layout of the kitchen cannot fit. She has consulted many brands before, but those brands only sell dishwashers, regardless of the layout modification. Only changing the cabinet will cost several thousand yuan, and Mrs. Li was dazzled by all kinds of quotations. Therefore, how to install the dishwasher has become a big problem for Mrs. Li.


Mrs. Li heard that Quantum Store sells dishwashers as well, so Mrs. Li asked, "Could you install a dishwasher?" Lei Xiao, the owner of this Quantum Store, told Mrs. Li that they could install dishwashers and modified the cabinets for free. Mrs. Li was very happy when she heard this, and she immediately placed the order and invited them to take measurements. The design team arrived on site, and they quickly came up with a modification plan. In the process of communication, Mrs. Li learned that Quantum Store could still make partial modifications. It just so happened that she wanted to completely renovate the kitchen. The design team showed the kitchen renovation cases and different materials tailored to the needs of various apartment types to Mrs. Li. Mrs. Li quickly chose to combine her favorite plan. According to Mrs. Li's plan, the store can install dishwashers, cabinets, floor tiles, etc. in one step, creating a new kitchen in one day!


After the payment, Mrs. Li was very happy and said with a smile, “it took only half an hour from entering the store to placing the order. I bought groceries and passingly carried a new kitchen back.”


The Quantum Store of Lei Xiao sells dishwashers and comes with free cabinet modifications, thanks to the support of the 1+N platform. Prior to this, during the service process, Wuhan Service ME learned that users have a great demand for dishwashers, but the installation is a difficult problem. The installation of dishwashers generally requires modifying the cabinets. Therefore, service representatives’ability of changing cabinets has become a key ability to be cultivated. There are three service representatives, including Lei Xiao, in this Quantum Store, all of them have the ability to design home appliances and home decoration and the ability to modify partial kitchen. In addition to providing home decoration design and partial kitchen modification training, the service platform also provides a variety of resources such as home improvement and home life services etc., so that the Quantum Store can quickly respond to the various needs of users.

3 July 2021 : 02:20 am


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