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[RDHY Dictionary] Premium Brand

Premium Brand
In Haier’s philosophy, brands with premium markets as their target markets are not necessarily premium brands. As long as they can obtain the first association degree of users and the first competitiveness in the market through superior product quality and excellent brand image, they will continue to produce explosive products. This brand is a premium brand. premium brands are a part of Haier's creation of scenario brands and ecosystem brands. Only premium brands that integrate scenario and ecosystem are valuable.
Premium Brand Case:
Happy little chicken-leading a new definition of premium brand
Since the launch of the Happy Chicken series, with its moderate price, excellent user interaction experience and fast iteration products, it has quickly grasped the brand positioning: breaking the traditional concept that high prices are premium brands, and creating a new era and new definition premium brand. At the time of Double 11 in 2019, Happy Little Chicken led the sales on major e-commerce platforms, far surpassing a certain rice at the same price, with a year-on-year retail increase of 88. The ecological node of the team is also driven by the realization of the ecological value of IP. The Happy Chicken Pillow, Happy Chicken Emoji Pack, and the planned Happy Chicken cartoon and other derivative ecological products have been launched successively to help the product to stabilize its premium positioning.

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