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[RDHY Event Review] CTO Only Focuses on Technology? Not Really. CTO Also Focuses on the Management Model

On June 25th, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO held a series of courses for "Chief Digital Transformation Officer (CDTO)". Liu Jianguo, Global Chief Digital Technology Officer of Haier Smart Home Ecosystem Platform, was invited to participate in the "Chinese Day". Liu Jianguo gave a lecture entitled “Digital Transformation of Haier Smart Home with Rendanheyi Model”. The course attracted 42 executives from 36 Russian companies.


Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, founded in 2006, is one of Russia and the CIS's leading private business schools. Its partners are not short of Russian and international business companies. The academic partnership network is even the Yale SOM (USA), IMD (Switzerland), Oxford Said (UK), and other top business schools. The course participants of this CDTO Chinese Day event are mainly middle to top managers, involved in business development, especially the corporate chief technology officer (CTO). The goal of the course is to let the students understand the main trends of China's innovation industry, including the current economic scale, the depth of innovation and change, and what innovation means to society, to enterprises, to consumers, and to their respective products and services. Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO took the initiative to invite Haier Model Research Institute to participate in the course project, with Haier as the representative of the IoT ecological enterprise, bringing a new perspective of digital transformation for Russian enterprises.


"The IoT-based strategy propels business", Haier Smart Home's strategy is to build a global leading ecological brand in the IoT era and strive to take user experience as center, develop smart home access for hundreds of millions of users offer the optimal smart home experience. When it comes to CTO, we may preconceive that they only focus on technical knowledge, but in the Q&A session, these participants successively focused on the management field of the IoT era, such as the management model and the experience sharing of the practical operation of the model. Afterward, Jianguo Liu introduced the operating mode of EMC, how MEs were generated within the group, and the "EMC Contract" that subsequently caused intensive and continuous questioning. Participants' interest in the topic of "EMC Contract" has never been higher. Liu Jianguo also compared Rendanheyi's "Three Rights" and "Empowerment" with the traditional bureaucratic top-down control: the EMC contract gathers MEs and empowers them to form an ecosystem chain. Liu Jianguo took every participant's question seriously and did his best to make a perfect answer.

5 July 2021 : 07:27 am


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