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[BEA Monthly Webinar]Entrepreneurial Ecosystems with Annika Steiber & Victor Hwang

Hi guys, please make sure that you don't miss our next BEA monthly webinar with two of our alliance members, Dr. Annika Steiber and Victor Hwang!
Annika Steiber, director for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Menlo College and director of the Rendanheyi Silicon Valley Center, is the author of seven books including The Google Model: Management for Continuous Innovation in a Rapidly Changing World, The Silicon Valley Model: Management for Entrepreneurship and Managing in a Digital Age: Will China Surpass Silicon Valley?.
Annika will provide an exclusive look at her new research which identifies eight models a corporation can choose from in collaborating with startups to maximize both knowledge transfer and innovation. With collaboration with tech startups increasingly identified as an important source of new technologies and business models this is timely and important research.
Joining Annika is Victor Hwang.  He is the founder and CEO of Right to Start, a campaign fighting to rebuild the economy by making entrepreneurial opportunity available to all. He is co-author of The Rainforest, one of the most influential books on how to build innovation ecosystems.  Victor is the former Vice President of Entrepreneurship at the Kauffman Foundation, the world’s leading philanthropy supporting entrepreneurs with an endowment of $2 billion. At Kauffman, he led initiatives that impacted over 200,000 entrepreneurs, including efforts in catalyzing capital formation, transforming economic development practices, launching a national policy roadmap, and breaking barriers for underserved entrepreneurs.  Victor’s work provides new insights into the ecosystems which are driving innovation and entrepreneurship.

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5 June 2021 : 03:25 am


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