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[RDHY Case]Fujitsu West EU is empowered and rejuvenated by Rendanheyi, one ME even tripled its orders during covid-19!

In 2019, João Domingos, the Head of Western Europe for Fujitsu, listened to Chairman Zhang Ruimin's keynote speech for the first time at Global Peter Drucker Forum and learned that Haier takes only six months to incubate a unicorn enterprise which creates a sharp contrast because, for Fujitsu Group in the Europe region, six months is only enough to hire one staff. João Domingos was then determined to take reform in Fujitsu. With the help of Joost Minnaar from Rendanheyi Research Center (Singapore), Fujitsu Europe has practiced Rendanheyi Model for a year.

During the year, Fujitsu Europe has undergone dramatic changes: the original bureaucratic organization has broken into 14 microenterprises, keeping only function departments like human resources and finance; they also nurtured entrepreneurial culture within the company, completely removed the middle level.

During the coronavirus outbreak, none of the 14 MEs of Fujitsu Europe experienced any loss, the ME in Spain even realized three times of order increase. In addition, the employee engagement in Fujitsu Europe has increased from 64% to 73%; it has realized industry-leading; the customer referral value has changed from negative to positive; the business partners of ME in Belgium have increased from 5 to 25. All these changes indicate that Fujitsu Europe is reviving, and Fujitsu, the world's top 500 in Japan's management culture, is resurging.

The experience of Fujitsu Europe's successful transformation has inspired great interests in Fujitsu in other regions to learn Rendanheyi Model. In one sharing seminar in Rendanheyi Model Research Center (Japan), João Domingos announced for the first that Fujitsu Europe has improved its performance after implementing Rendanheyi Model.

Dr. Partha Ghosh's team said: "Fujitsu experienced a failed transformation 10 years ago and it is remarkable that 10 years later they are allowed to try again. ”

Fujitsu Europe still keeps exploring. After the seminar, João Domingos mailed to Rendanheyi Research Center for help, hoping to learn how to transform its function departments into MEs, and expressed his intention to visit Haier in person if the outbreak situation allows.

Please find more information from Corporate Rebels's article via this link:

4 June 2021 : 06:54 am


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