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How to make your employees integrated into Rendanheyi model?

When participated in webinars and other events about Rendanheyi, I recognized that many people are worried about how to make their employees integrated and adapted into Rendanheyi model for companies in transition.

Actually,the Microenterprises(ME) in Rendanheyi model is just to help employees get closer to users and find their responsibilities in the organization, so that everyone can create value around users. At the same time, the concept of "talent pool" is also emphasized in Haier's culture, which means that the company will no longer trap internal employees into a certain position, but attract talents who are qualified for this role from inside/outside, giving them more space to practice and create more value.

Do you have any idea about this issue?Do you have same worries if your company is to transform into Rendanheyi?

3 June 2021 : 05:06 am


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