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How do Micro-Enterprises really work?

You might heard of Rendanheyi model and MEs flat structure many times when people talk about innovative management strategies. But how MEs could be introduced and implemented in an organization is still a myth. If you were wondering how to join Rendanheyi Research Center ecosystem or seek for our support, please join us on 24th and 25th March Webinars held by Business Ecosystem Alliance to find out how European companies have done it. Access the state of the art ecosystem thinking and best practice, sign up for our free webinar series here: [LINK here]  We will then get back here for further discussions with all of the guest speakers : ) Do not miss it!

1 March 2021 : 02:56 am


Pim de Morree Looking forward to it! 1 March 2021 : 12:14 pm
Michele Zanini Hi there, the link doesn't seem to be working... can you please check?
1 March 2021 : 18:23 pm

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